Arms lift in Lahore, Pakistan

Arm lift in lahore is at the lowest cost at Lafroma specialist clinic. All the options including liposuction and surgery are included in treatment options.

Arm lift in lahoreDespite your best efforts at the gym, you still have loose, hanging upper arm skin. If you are unhappy about the way your arms look, you may be a good candidate to undergo an arm lift. The arm lift in lahore is to provide the solution for that.

Arm lift in lahore

Also known as a brachioplasty, an arm lift removes loose, inelastic skin and fat to give your arms a more toned and slimmer appearance. For those of you who avoid wearing short sleeve shirts because you are too self-conscious, this procedure will help you get back into those sleeveless tees!

How is arm lift performed?

Depending on how much excess skin and fat you have, the procedure may involve both direct excision and liposuction. An incision is usually made from the underarm area to the elbow along the inside or back of the upper arm. Skin and fat are removed and the underlying tissue is tightened to help improve tone. A drain is placed in each arm and both incisions are closed with internal and external sutures.

What to expect after surgery?

This procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you will go home the same day as your surgery. You will have bandages covering your incision sites and you will need to wear your compression garment post-operatively. You will be given oral pain medication to help with any soreness that you may feel and you will be able to shower the next day. Bruising, fluid retention, and swelling are common after this surgery and will subside over a couple of weeks. Final results may be obscured until all of the swelling has resolved.

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