Breast Reconstruction in Lahore, Pakistan

Breast Reconstruction Lahore PakistanBreast Reconstruction Lahore Pakistan, If you have had a mastectomy or are planning to have one, breast reconstruction can help you feel and look your best.  By restoring your natural breast size and shape.

Breast Reconstruction Lahore Pakistan

Considered by many to be the final step for women who have overcome breast cancer. Breast reconstruction can help a patient with both physical and emotional healing. Typically, breast reconstruction is performed after the patient has healed from the surgery. And completed radiation therapy. However, if the patient does not require any post-operative radiation. Breast reconstruction can often be done at the time of the cancer surgery.

How is it performed?

Breasts can either be reconstructed through the use of tissue expanders/implants or your own tissue. When your own body tissue is used, this is known as flap.

Tissue expander/implant reconstruction represents the simplest form of reconstruction. And with usually the least amount of downtime.  Tissue expanders are initially placed underneath the chest muscles. It helps stretch the breast skin. During surgery, they are partially filled with fluid. Dr. Farrukh will continue filling your tissue expanders. Till there is enough skin to reconstruct adequately sized breasts. The second stage involves removing the tissue expanders and placing permanent silicone  implants to give you natural appearing breasts. Now it can be done in single stage too.

Flap reconstruction involves using your own tissue to create a breast. Popular flap, or tissue choices include the following:

*Latissimus dorsi flap: Taken from your back, this muscle provides tissue to reconstruct your breast. To obtain adequate breast volume, this flap still requires the use of an underlying breast implant.

*TRAM flap: Taken from your abdomen, this flap includes both the rectus muscle as well as overlying skin and fat. This is typically a bulky flap so no implant is needed.

*DIEP flap: Also taken from your abdomen, this spares your rectus and takes the skin and fat. Requiring microsurgery. This surgery requires more operative time. It also requires close post-operative monitoring to ensure its success.

Based upon your body shape, lifestyle, desires, medical history, and previous treatments. Dr. Farrukh will determine which type of breast reconstruction is best for you!

What to expect after surgery?

All patients stay overnight in the hospital for monitoring. The method used to reconstruct your breasts will dictate the total amount of days of hospital stay. Typically, this can range from 2-5 days. You will have dressing covering your stitches. you will have drains. You will be able to shower the second day. Once you are discharged from the hospital, you will be prescribed oral pain medication. This will help with any discomfort or soreness that you may feel. Bruising and swelling are common after this type of surgery.  And go after a couple of weeks. Final results may come after all of the swelling has gone.

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