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Latest Health Lessons

Latest Health Lessons

Abundance of Fitness opportunities

There are many ways to stay fit and be active.  

Summer months brings us everything from the town Tennis courts,  walking along the paths, cycling on your own or with a club,  hiking the beautiful trails, swimming,  or even running.   Wintertime provides us with ice skating, cross country and down hill skiing,  snowshoeing, multiple exercise classes offered to fit every age category, indoor cycling, yoga, swimming, and a gym for both seasons.  You just have to decide you want to be active and find the right fit for you.

My body is capable of so much

Knowing your limits or limitations are important, but not letting them stand in your way or allow you to make excuses is an important part of your healthy lifestyle.  Talk to your doctor about what is right for your body and your health, but stay fit.

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