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The Foolproof Way to Control Your Portions Every Time

The Foolproof Way to Control Your Portions Every Time

Keeping portions in check can help your waistline and your heart. Dish out smart serving sizes by using your hand as a guide.


PALM = PROTEIN Most protein portions (whether fish, poultry, meat or tofu) should be about the size of your palm when you cup your hand.


THUMB = FATS Match portions of fats (like cheese) to your thumb size. One exception: nuts, which should be about 2 Tbsp per snack.


FIST = FRUITS AND GRAINS Bread, fruit, cereal, rice and grain portions should be equal to the size of your closed fist, or a tennis ball.


HAND = VEGGIES Open your hand and spread your fingers as wide as you can—that’s a good vegetable portion.

Sources: Karen Ansel, RDN, coauthor, The Calendar Diet. James Rouse, ND, coauthor, Think, Eat, Move, Thrive.


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